About Sbp Tarh

At Sbp Tarh, we specialize in building and developing projects or new ideas related to technology and IT.
We will help you create or develop your new project or idea.
We not only provide financing and services related to technology and IT, but we can analyze the future of financial markets (currencies, digital currencies, iron products) using available data and determine its exact future.

To get advice for the future of financial markets through the contact us page, send us your information and description so that we can get back to you as soon as possible.

Below are the things we can help you with:

  • Technical knowledge
  • Financing
  • Planning for your project
  • Providing infrastructure
  • Provision of prerequisites
  • Modeling for the future of the market related to your project

We have more than 12 years of experience in this field and we try to help you in all stages to solve technical and financial challenges as well as income and other.

Meet the Team

Sina Bakhshipoor


Programmer | Artificial intelligence | Strategy | Analysis of future markets

Sina is the Founder and CEO of Sbp Tarh.
After receiving his master's degree, due to his great interest in IT, in 2009, he registered his first company called Sbp Tarh with the subject of IT.
Then, in the future, he added many projects to the Sbp Tarh subset and also added the possibility of financing in Sbp Tarh so that people can easily finance their exceptional projects and also complete the technical part.

Joshua joined Sbp Tarh in 2009 and initially worked only as server support, then in 2010 he joined the board and also started supervising other team members related to the technical department.
He continues to work in the management and support of servers and plays a very important role in projects that require a strong infrastructure.

Joshua Williams

Chairman of the Board And Supervisor

Technical support | server management

William Davis


William is a programmer at Sbp Tarh.
He started working as a programmer in this team in 2010 and his main role is software development of projects, in fact, he develops the software that the main part of the team has made, if needed by the project owner and the board of directors.
Add newer features to that project in the next update according to that project's protocol.
He has a very important role in the new updates of the projects.

Elizabeth joined Sbp Tarh in 2014.
He has a master's degree in accounting and has very high experience in this field and has the ability to analyze and predict the future of financial markets.
Also, he works as a consultant in this team and before starting any project, he helps the team to better analyze and predict the future financial market related to the project in order to make better planning for the project.

Elizabeth Jones

Accountants | Analysis of future markets | Consultant

Amir Yazdani


Amir joined Sbp Tarh in 2014.
Before signing any contract, he reviews the contract and recounts the important details.
A skilled advocate and trusted advisor, columnist.
is currently admitted on three international law boards namely Canada and Dubai.

Bahador joined Sbp Tarh in 2020.
He has a bachelor's degree in languages and is fluent in both English and French.
His role is important in many meetings and roundtables and he helps a lot to transfer the talk and data.

Bahador Baghbani


And other...