Terms of Use

The following terms and conditions govern your use of Sbp Tarh services.
Your use of Sbp Tarh services constitutes your acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Special note to children and teenagers
Children and teenagers (people under 18 years old) are not allowed to use any services in Sbp Tarh.

We focus more on projects that have new and special features and are related to technology (digital and non-digital).
If you think you need to talk about the project and goals before starting cooperation, we can organize an online round table so that you can get answers to your questions before starting cooperation. After the initial talks about the project, if you need a face-to-face round table, we can arrange a time in a suitable position (this item is negotiable).
Technical knowledge, If the technical part of your project is done by our team, after completion all the technical knowledge of construction and type of development will be available to you or your team.
If your project requires prerequisites such as a data center, server and other, we will provide them for you as much as possible.
The amount that is considered to carry out the technical part of the project is different according to the type of project and the goal, and to determine it, we need detailed information about the subject of the project and the goal.

Financing and Project approval
In case of financing or carrying out the technical part of the project, according to the contract, between 5% and 30% of the shares of the project (this item is negotiable) will be given to Sbp Tarh or CEO.
Currently, projects are financed up to $500,000 dollars, and the return percentage depends on the time and project, but it is usually between 1% and 5%.
Importantly, the financing of the projects is done if it is first approved by the CEO and the rest of the project team, the approval of financing depends on the characteristics of the project.
In some projects that require finance and easy technical part, no share is given to Sbp Tarh or the CEO and only a percentage of the profit is considered for the return of finance and also an amount is considered for doing the technical part.

In order to finance, it is necessary to carry out steps such as identity verification and other, which you can see in full below:
  • 1- Project review
  • 2- Review goals
  • 3- Examining samples similar to the project
  • 4- Confirmed by the CEO and the rest of the team
  • 5- Identity check
  • 6- identity confirmation
  • 7- Signed by both parties
  • 8- Choosing the payment method (this item is negotiable)
  • 9- Send the amount and finish the financing

Investment terms
Apart from cooperating in completing the projects of other people and companies, we will define projects for our team at the beginning of each year, which we will refrain from doing similar projects as much as possible.
But if the defined project has more and special feature compared to similar examples, we will start to build it.
After your request for investment, we will send you the list of digital and non-digital projects of our team, whose annual income is between $100,000 to $800,000,000.

Some of these projects have just started and do not have income, and some of them have income, which we have specified in the list that we send.
After you choose the project, we will talk about the future of that project and explain the goals to you, then after your approval, the contract will be made by our team, and if something in the contract is not possible, we will talk about it and we will edit or delete it if possible.
The percentage of profit from investment is between 5% and 30%, and the determination of this percentage is directly related to the amount of investment and the selected project.
We try to tell you the approximate amount of profit you will receive after the end of the year before starting the cooperation.
Investment projects are for technology-related fields, which include digital and non-digital projects, There are high-risk and low-risk investment projects in both categories.
We have explained the details of the projects in the list that we have prepared in advance so that you can easily choose the project you want.
Go to the Investment page for more detailed information.

How to contact
The way to communicate with the people and companies of the Sbp Tarh team is mostly done through WhatsApp and email.
You can see the priority method of communication with our team below:
  • 1- Whatsapp
  • 2- Email
  • 3- Contact Page
  • 4- Call
  • 5- Online round table
  • 6- face-to-face roundtable

  • Hours
    Monday-Friday: 8am5pm (Ottawa time)
    Saturday – Sunday: Closed