Apart from cooperating in completing the projects of other people and companies, we will define projects for our team at the beginning of each year, which we will refrain from doing similar projects as much as possible.
But if the defined project has more and special feature compared to similar examples, we will start to build it.
After your request for investment, we will send you the list of digital and non-digital projects of our team, whose annual income is between $100,000 to $800,000,000.
Some of these projects have just started and do not have income, and some of them have income, which we have specified in the list that we send.

After you choose the project, we will talk about the future of that project and explain the goals to you, then after your approval, the contract will be made by our team, and if something in the contract is not possible, we will talk about it and we will edit or delete it if possible.
The percentage of profit from investment is between 5% and 30%, and the determination of this percentage is directly related to the amount of investment and the selected project.
We try to tell you the approximate amount of profit you will receive after the end of the year before starting the cooperation.

Investment projects are for technology-related fields, which include digital and non-digital projects, There are high-risk and low-risk investment projects in both categories.
We have explained the details of the projects in the list that we have prepared in advance so that you can easily choose the project you want.

After making the investment, every one or two months, a general report of the overall income, the overall status of the project or the company, new opportunities related to the project, developed items, added items, deleted items, and strategy changes will be sent to you.
Before starting the investment, first announce your desired exit time so that the project is selected for investment according to the time considered.
If you intend to leave earlier than the time specified in the contract, losses will be reduced from the total amount this case is different for each project and each time period, the desired percentage will be written in the contract.

If you need more explanations, contact us through the Contact page or communication channels, and if necessary, we will organize an online round table to discuss clearly and precisely the issues related to your goals.