Privacy Policy

We respect the privacy and information of people who use our team's services and use many methods to protect your information and privacy.
We believe that information and privacy are very important and if your smallest information is disclosed, it can cause irreparable abuses, and that is why we are very sensitive in protecting information and privacy.
Also, we have prepared a contract for a certain part of the team members, who by signing this contract can see your information for the process of providing services, and according to the contract, they do not have the right to disclose any information.

In addition to the above explanations in the technical section, all the important things have been done to protect your information and a secure encryption layer called SSL has been used to record the information.

Privacy in investment
If you make an investment request, we will receive information from you and use it to inform you of newer investment projects.
Also, receiving information before investing helps us so that if you need guidance, we can guide you better according to the detailed information we have from you.

You can see the information we receive before making an investment below:
  • 1- Identity documents.
  • 2- Exact address.
  • 3- The amount you intend to invest.
  • 4- The specific time when you intend to withdraw from the investment.

Privacy in financing
In financing, as in the above explanation, information is received from you that fully and accurately specifies your identity and location. In financing, the field you are going to invest or buy must be specified, and if the field you are going to invest in is a new idea, a contract between us and you will be signed beforehand, and it will guarantee that the relevant information Your investment will not be disclosed.

Below you can see the information we receive in financing:
  • 1- Identity check
  • 2- Investment field
  • 3- The exact address you are currently at

Privacy at the start of a new project
When we start a new joint project with you, in the contract apart from other items, this item related to the non-disclosure of the idea and goals as well as the features of the project will be mentioned and after the signature of the parties, It will not be possible to disclose the mentioned topics.
Of course, in very important projects, this issue will be mentioned in the contract.

Privacy in roundtables
Even when we have not started cooperation with you in a specific field and have not signed an agreement with you, the discussions and topics discussed in the roundtables will be confidential and will never be disclosed.
When you think that the issues you are going to raise in the meetings are important to you, you can request that a non-disclosure agreement be prepared to make sure about this.