Bread and wheat distribution software

Status: Sold
Category: Digital

Sbp Tarh Group, after several months of efforts, succeeded in producing a new generation of software for dividing bread and wheat by artificial intelligence!
After the start of the war between Russia and Ukraine, the whole world faced a shortage of wheat because 28% of the world's wheat was supplied by Ukraine and the only solution for all countries is the correct distribution of bread and wheat among the people.
To eliminate human error, the best solution is to use this software or similar software.

You can see the features that make this software special below:

  • 1- The possibility of buying bread and wheat using fingerprints.
  • 2- Possibility of buying bread and wheat with national code or passport number.
  • 3- The possibility of buying bread and wheat using a bank card.
  • 4- Restrictions on the purchase of bread and wheat according to the law of the province and the country (possibility of editing).
  • 5- Identifying the overall purchase of family members.
  • other

The new generation of this software will be launched in two countries soon.

we wish peace and tranquility to all the people of the world.