Robot for product packaging

Status: Under Construction
Category: Digital and non-digital

This robot is supposed to be used in the process of packing products before delivery to the customer.
This robot has two parts, software and hardware, which is currently focusing more on the hardware to be similar in terms of efficiency and beauty.

You can see some of the features of this robot below:

  • 1- It has a monitor to manage the robot
  • 2- The possibility of identifying the type of product.
  • 3- The possibility of several types of packaging according to the type of goods.
  • 4- Pasting the barcode of the product after packaging(possibility of deactivation).
  • 5- Placing the store logo on the packaging (possibility of deactivation)
  • 6- The possibility of setting the start or end time of the work.
  • other

More detailed information will be provided after the completion of the project.

Under Construction ...